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About Us

Welcome to Baseball Happenings!! For years to come, we figure to be the first place you go when you want to find out about anything baseball. Our mission is very simple. We are going to provide you with up-to-date information on NCAA baseball/softball, Major League Baseball and fantasy baseball.

Baseball has been, is and always be America’s favorite past-time. Our reporters, writers and contributors are baseball fanatics that have their finger on the pulse of the sport. We know that you, our patrons, want news and information that is timely and relevant. That is our pledge to you. We will stay on top of the latest baseball happenings from player profiles all the way to fantasy stats.

During the off-season, you can count on us to stay tuned with the latest information regarding the free agent market and player/manager movement. Whether you follow a favorite team or baseball in general, we want you to feel informed at all times.

We hope that you will list us as one of your favorite sites and visit us on a daily basis. We want to be the perfect compliment to your season round baseball experience.

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